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Transition - Elementary

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Workbox ideas

autism, visual supports

This site has ideas that use recycled, ordinary items from around the home or school.
Salli Chowning uses alot of workboxes in her room this is an example of what she does.
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Another teacher using workboxes is Kim Britt,
Her students are using them in a variety of ways.
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This is an example of how you can use a box and sticks to teach a student the ABC order.
Or with Numbers, or their name or even spelling out a sentence.
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This box is used to teach how many objects for each number. The order of the numbers can be changed often to make sure they understand the concept.
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This workbox is a simple matching game. There again, easy to change out and to adapt for each child's needs by offering more or less cards to match.
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This box is sorting money, also good for reading, labeling and working on fine motor skills.
Easy to make by saving your small yogurt or other containers at home.
Many of these boxes are designed by creative and thrifty people with little to NO cost.
They can be used over and over and adapted for many needs.
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This box also is self-explanitory, but it's to get you thinking about all the ways
you can make a box for your individual students' needs.

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