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Staff Information

by Kathy Davidson

Recruitment and Selection of Classified Employees

The clerk of the board will periodically place classified advertisements in the local newspaper for classified positions.  Applications can be obtained from the Interlocal office or from the Interlocal website.

The director in conjunction with the clerk of the board or prospective supervising teacher will direct the following:  proper paperwork; timeline for the interview process; interview committee; screening committee; conduct interviews; selection process.  All new hires, transfers must be approved by the director and Interlocal board.  Any time worked prior to board approval is contingent upon such approval.


No child, parent or case history is to be discussed outside of the school setting.  The foremost issue should be to protect that child's privacy and any information regarding that child's history.  Staff must conduct themselves as professionals at all times.

Any education organization or agency which receives federal funds must be in compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) and the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, P.L. 93-380.  Any actions taken toward identifying children must be in strict compliance with both state and federal confidentiality laws.

In regard to SEK Interlocal#637 procedures, no referral or dissemination of information may be released without parental signatures.  A full explanation of why a signature needs to be obtained and what ramifications that release of information signifies should be given to the parent(s).  The paraeducator's first line of contact for confidentiality issues is the supervising special education teacher. 

If there is doubt as to the appropriateness of the release of information, contact the director or associate director.

Public Relations

You are a representative of the education profession and Interlocal organization.  What you think and say about the organization impacts what others believe about it.

Dress Code

All employees are required to present a positive image to the public.  Each employee will dress in a manner that will bring credit to themselves and the district in which they work.  You should follow the policy for the district in which you work.

Term of Work Agreement

Classified employees will be appointed annually. Work agreements will be executed in keeping with the Interlocal and participating district calendars as adopted by the Interlocal Board.  Classified employees are employees at-will.

Assignment and Reassignment of Classified Employees

The director will have the authority to assign all classified employees to their respective positions in the schools and to recommend to the Interlocal Board a classified employee's reassignment to another school when the best interests of the school program will be served.

Discrimination Denounced

The Interlocal Board hereby enunciates a policy of nondiscrimination as it pertains to the relationship of school personnel to students in these specific areas:  (1) racism, (2) sexism, (3) economics, (4) labeling, (5) religious, (6) intellectual capacity, (7) age, (8) physical handicap and (9) national origin

Inclement Weather Relating To School Closing Delayed Starting Times

At times the starting time for the school day may be delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather.  When it is necessary to close schools due to inclement weather or other reasons, the day for paraeducators becomes a "non-work paid day".

Personal Leave cannot be used for inclement weather conditions.

The decision as to whether the non-work paid day(s) will be added at the end of the school year will be determined by the district the employee is assigned to and the Interlocal Board.

Regular Payment Methods

Classified employees shall be paid their contractual  compensation each school year in not less than 12 substantially equal payments.

Salary checks for classified employees on a monthly pay schedule will be issued on the 20th day of each month.  In the event a pay day falls on Saturday, on Sunday or on a holiday, the checks will be distributed the working day preceding the weekend or holiday.

Grievance Policy

Any paraeducator may file a complaint with their supervisor concerning a school rule, regulation, policy or decision that affects the employee.  The complaint shall be in writing, filed within ten (10) working days following the event complained of and shall specify the basis of the complaint.  The supervisor shall meet with the employee and provide a response within ten (10) days.  If the employee disagrees with the decision, the employee may appeal to the Director.  The Director shall render a decision within thirty (30) calendar days.  The Director's decision shall be final.


Supervision of the special education paraeducator is the joint responsibility of the supervising special education teacher, principal and director or designee.  The supervising teacher will be responsible for structuring the paraeducator's schedule and working with the paraeducator on a regular basis to ensure assigned responsibilities are carried out in an efficient manner.

Line of supervision - special education teacher -building principal - coordinator - associate director of special education - director of special education.


The immediate supervisor or director may initiate an evaluation at any time. Paras must be evaluated at least once prior to April 15.  A special education teacher, and/or administrator will conduct the evaluations. The employee's ability to fulfill his/her job description shall be the basis of the evaluation.  The employee shall have the right to review written evaluations and shall sign the evaluation to verify review of the evaluation.  Evaluations should be submitted to the Interlocal office by April 15.  

Failure to complete 20 clock hours of inservice training and/or at least one unsatisfactory evaluation may lead to dismissal.  A paraeducator may be terminated based on unsatisfactory evaluations, lack of continuous and sustained progress on a plan of improvement, lack of progress to complete the inservice training, inability to perform the essential job functions of the positions and/or poor job performance before the end of the school year.  All terminations will be handled by the director or associate director.

Lactation Accommodations


Staff Information

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07/19/2010 Can anyone offer ideas or websites for para inservice hours that the special ed teachers have to conduct. Shannon Perry perrys@usd508.org Lincoln Elementary, Baxter Springs Special Education teacher

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